YouTuber Adds Cluster TNT and Chicken Hats

A Minecraft mod can make the game completely different. Although the list of best Minecraft mods is constantly changing, we are happy to share unique ones on YouTube. The coding-imbued YouTubers can show you how people are tortured in Minecraft Tetris and Minecraft Pac-Man. There are many videos online, so we have Minecraft Breath of … Read more

Deep dark biome guide for Minecraft

Deep Dark will be an upcoming biome in Minecraft Bedrock Edition’s 1.19 The Wild Update. This biome is a highly anticipated feature in the popular sandbox game because it creates a challenging and spooky environment for players. The first time it was introduced was in 2020, but it was delayed by Mojang because they wanted to … Read more

Modern house ideas in Minecraft

Modern house designs are the latest trend in Minecraft. Modern house designs are becoming increasingly popular among Minecraft players. Most players don’t know where to begin building this type of house, as it can be very difficult. Below is a list with five amazing Minecraft house designs. These house designs vary in size, difficulty, materials, and other factors. … Read more

Best villager mod in Minecraft

There are many passive mobs in Minecraft, including villagers. These mobs are considered to be the most useful in Minecraft, as they can be used to trade. The Minecraft1.14 village & pillage update hasn’t made any changes to the villagers. They will likely stay the same for a while. Mods allow players to add new features to make … Read more

How to make peace with a vindicator

Vindicators, melee pillagers found in Minecraft’s woodland mansions and often wielding an axe, can be spotted in raids on villages and patrols. It is possible to make a Vindicator harmless by pacifying it. Although it may try to attack, it should not be able do any damage. Players can place it in a boat to move … Read more

Version of Minecraft

The Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update, which was released last year, was announced. The developers had to split it into two parts: Minecraft 1.17 and Minecraft 11.18 updates. The first part was published in July 2021. The second part will be released in a few days. The developers revealed that they had removed some features in order … Read more

Where to find glow squids in Minecraft ?

Mobs can be encountered while players explore Minecraft 1.18 update’s vast and dynamic worlds. Mobs can be animals like cows, villagers, or skeletons. Each mob falls under one category. For example, the Ender dragon is a boss mob. While a sheep is passive while a creeper is hostile, a sheep is the opposite. As a passive mob, squids can … Read more

Where to find iron in Minecraft

Minecraft players will not be able to build or craft without iron ore or ingots. Iron ore is found in the Overworld and can be mined to make iron ingots. Iron ingots can be used to craft many different types of recipes. They can be used as crafting components, such as iron tools or whole blocks. Different … Read more

Minecraft renaissance

Redditor u/MattValois recently revealed a Neo-Renaissance Minecraft building, the Liberec Town Hall. This build was posted to r/MinecraftBuilds. It has received more than 2000 upvotes. Many people noticed the similarities between the build and a Czech Town Hall. Since its initial stages and the official release in 2011, Minecraft has been a huge success. Minecraft is a popular … Read more

Minecraft player built his own end island…

One Minecraft player built The End on a Survival server. This is a testament to how committed sandbox gamers can become to their creative endeavors. Reddit users quickly reacted to the player’s creation, which attracted a lot of attention from other Minecraft builders and enthusiasts. The image received a wide range of responses, from praise … Read more